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Style service for Individuals and Business

Personal Consultation – Styling From Fabulous to Corporate Chic

A Personal Shopper Experience includes

You – What do you feel good in? What will complement your body type and life style?

What is the essence of you that you wish to express?

Do you have a personal style that needs refining or have you just gone through a life style change and want your wardrobe to express this new you?

Make a Shopping List

Assess what is lacking in your wardrobe and make a list

Let's Go shopping!

Be guided by Chantal around the best boutiques to fit your needs and budget. You have some favourites? Chantal will join you there.g.

Honest Feedback

The objective is to have you look and feel your very best. Every purchase should be a pleasure to wear and make you feel fabulous. That is Chantal's commitment.

Putting it all Together

Take it home, have a fashion parade and pair this with or that so that you can quickly co-ordinate a fabulous outfit when on the run. This includes clothes, shoes, bag and jewellery.

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Consultation package $250 (Average 2 hours)

Styling Your Boutique

My service is to make your business stand out and be noticed

So many store fronts feature a few mannequins and not much to set them apart. Remember the excitement of viewing a Christmas window? Why limit this magic to one season?

Create a universe, create a narrative. This is what draws the attention and invites a client to walk through the doors of your boutique. It is about adding some magic to your space to best promote the products you wish to focus on or highlight a special promotion.


Analysis of location, current layout, lighting, ambience and most importantly , client focus.

• Develop a visual strategy, create some magic to spark the imagination!

• Concept and coaching. 

• Advice on maintaining the fresh new look

Organise space to invite a client to walk in

Window composition: 

Developing a visual strategy, create some magic, colour, humour – we need fantasy to point out what going on.

Retail Merchandising: 

Arranging your collection to improve your client's experience, making it easy to connect with your goods

Provide follow up and assistance.

Call Chantal to find out more 0413 752 530

Consultation package $250 (Average 2 hours)